Yoo-Hoo Room
Flappers Burbank
Wednesday April 10th
7:30pm 10 bucks
(818) 845-9721​

Hollywood Fringe Festival
Sylus 2020
Broadwater Theater 
1078 Lillian Way, Hollywood
8 bucks
6/8  1:30pm
6/13  10:00pm
6/15  3:30pm
6/21  9:00pm
6/22  11:00am

























Owner operator rothchild mines nairobi, kenya


                             Bull Dog Rescue-

   "One Of The Best Comedians We Have Used. Sylus came out swinging comedy and absolutely killed !! This guy not only had the crowd in stitches but I received so many compliments about Jeff from people that attended our fundraiser. This guy is a real pro !"

Burbank Comedy Festival. My Clean Show.